Mobile Review Audio Podcast Episode 2

Here it is!  The second Mobile Review Audio Podcast!  This time I talk about my computer, and some of the stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Enjoy!

Mobile Review Podcast #2

Mobile Review Video Podcast#1-T-Mobile Shadow Unboxing

Hello everyone!  Today we have for you the very first Mobile Review Video Podcast!  Today we unbox the T-Mobile Shadow, and give a quick rundown of the deivce and the package contents.  Please note that the video was sped up by YouTube for some reason, so my hands do indeed not match the words, but it does get the point across!  Enjoy!

Windows Mobile Tips and Tricks Volume 1

Welcome to the first installment of Windows Mobile Tips and Tricks!  This is another recurring post that we are gonna start, and it will contain some kind of cool or new thing to do with Windows Mobile that you may not have known how to do before we showed you!

On today’s episode, we will show you how to change your system font to a completely different one on Windows Mobile 6.1, though the instructions are the same regardless of the version that you are using.

Below are the simple instructions, and it all begins with the pre-requisites:
1-A Windows Mobile powered device-Either Pocket PC or Smartphone
2-A Truetype style font(they end with file extension .ttf)
3-5 minutes of time

Alright now here is how to do it!

1)-Connect your device to your computer, and let Activesync do it’s thing(until the green double-arrow icon in your tray stops spinning).

2)-Click on [Explore], then on “Windows Mobile Based Device”, then on “Windows”.  If you cannot see the “Windows” folder, goto the top of the window and click [Tools] then [Folder Options] then the [View] tab, then scroll down a bit until you find a checkbox that says-“Show Hidden Files and Folders” and make sure that it is checked(or dotted if the case may be).

3)-Now, leave that window open, and go and grab you font.  Right click on the font file itself and scroll down to [Rename].  In the field, type “Tahoma” then [OK].  Now, copy that file that you just renamed, and paste it to another directory(such as the desktop so that it is easy to get back to), and rename it to-“TahomaBD” and click [OK].

4)-Now click and drag, or copy and paste those 2 files into the “Windows” folder that you have open from earlier, tell it [Yes] to overwrite the existing files if needed.

5)-Now, soft-reset your device and voila!  You have a nice shiny new system font!  Wonderful!  Now, you may be wondering how to get your old one back, and it is indeed very simple.

6)-To restore the Tahoma font, either download a copy of it from the internet(note that it is NOTE public domain), or navigate to your computers “Font” folder and simply copy it to your desktop, and rename and copy it as above, soft-reset again and BAM, back to OEM status you go!  You can also just Hard-reset if you get desperate.

Well, thats it!  Quite simple eh?  It really adds a great deal of custimization to Windows Mobile that you didnt have before.

Youtube Spotlight of the Week:garmo1968

Youtube Spotlight of the Week is a new weekly post that I am starting about someone cool that I have discovered during the week on YouTube.  This week happens to be about garmo1968.  He is a YouTuber that has a real gift for being able to be professional in his videos, while being openly funny at the same time.  Right now he is working on a few video game walkthroughs, most notably Spyro The Dragon 2:Riptos Rage on the Playstation One.

The best thing about his videos though, in my opinion, is his singing.  Thats right.  Singing.  At certain parts during his Sonic Adventure walkthrough, he will improvise complete levels worth of words to the tune of the background music, and believe me when I tell you, it is HILARIOUS.  Just great I tell yah.  Recurring guests on his videos include what I like to call The Condesending Text and the Fail Counter.  These are really golden videos, and are well worth the watch.

Below is one of the funnier sections from the Sonic Adventure playthrough, and yes, it does feature singing!

T-Mobile G1 DREAM out in the open

Engadget is reporting that the new T-Mobile G1 DREAM phone has been seen out in the wild, and ever has got some pictures to prove it!  Check out that glossy screen!

T-Mobile G1 DREAM out in the open!

T-Mobile G1 DREAM out in the open!

Mobile Review Podcast #1 is up!

Hey everyone, busy day eh?  Well I have now uploaded the very first(of many!) Mobile Review Podcast!  Its just around 2 minutes long, but I think that it introduces the site fairly well, and it should both delight and scare you at the same time!  Enjoy!

Please note that I am using the freeware OGG VORBIS codec to compress the podcasts.  If this is not good for you guys, let me know and I can switch to LAME MP3 or something similiar.  I am also simply throwing these up onto MediaFire, as it seems that WordPress won’t allow me to upload them here.  Any work around for that?

Mobile Review Podcast #1

Zune Firmware 3.0 Review

Alright, so you may or may not know that just 2 days ago(September 16, 2008) Microsoft released the newest version of firmware for the Zune PMP, as well as an update to the desktop client software.  This post is to familiarize yourself with all of the new features, as well as to show you what STILL hasn’t changed.

The first thing that you will notice is the homescreen on the device as shown below:

The new Firmware 3.0 homescreen.

The new Firmware 3.0 homescreen.

You will notice that the homescreen now includes a few new uhhh…areas?  Whatever you call them, there are new menus, those being “Marketplace” and “Games” on the homescreen, that would’nt ya know, goes to the Wireless Marketplace and to Games.  We will go more in depth about these in a moment, but first a photo of the settings page:

Firmware 3.0 About screen.

Firmware 3.0 About screen.

As you can see, the version is indeed 3.0, and the bootloader has been updated as well, which pretty much kills any of the homemade Zune games that we had working before.   Microsoft has stated that they are working on a fix for this, and that it should be included in the next firmware update(more than likely 3.1).

Now, about the wireless Marketplace.  The Zune takes a que from the iPhone and iPod Touch here and adds a fully functional Marketplace to the Zune that you can use over any wireless WiFi network.  It allows you to purchase ANY song from the regular PC based marketplace, but as of press time, does not support the buying of videos.  You have to have a Zune Card and a Zune Marketplace account in order to purchase music via either the wireless Marketplace or the desktop version.  You can either buy songs individually, or use your Zune Pass on the device itself, or of course on the desktop version.

The main screen of the wireless Marketplace.

The main screen of the wireless Marketplace.

The connect dialog in the Marketplace.

The connect dialog in the Marketplace.

Another great new feature is the Radio Buy option.  While listening to the radio, if the station that you rare listening to povides meta-deta over the air about the song that is currently playing, you can then press the center of the Zune Pad and click on Buy and ZOOM!  Away to the marketplace you go.  The Marketplace will find the song in its library if it is availible, and will then ask you if you want to purchase it.  Once a song is purchased on the device, the next time that you sync with your computer, the song will be copyed to your PC, and a new liscence key will be generated for it(so if you know what you are doing, then you now have 2 copies of the same song).

All in all, I think that the new Zune firmware is great.  It really improves on the playback of music, and adds some great new wireless features to an already great device.

Look for the review of the desktop software in a few hours, but until then, enjoy the gallery!

Hello world!

Hello hello people in the world that own computers!  Welcome to Mobile Review!  We are just starting out, but very soon we will have reviews of various pieces of technology, including but not limited to:Mobile Phones, Game Systems and Games, Computer hardware and software and much, much more.

So please come back and see us again sometime!